Gurans Bal Surakhsya Jeevan Bima Yojana (Child Endowment with Profits)/Gurans Naulo Bal Surakshya


This policy allows to make provision for Childern's Education or Marriage. Although, under this policy Sum Assured along with bonus is payble only at the end of the selected term, in the event of unfortunate death of the life assured 1% of sum assured is payable monthly from death to date of maturity.

Premium under this policy are payable for the selected term of the policy or till death of Life Assured if occurs before date of maturity. However, bonus will accure upto the end of the term, even after cessation of the premiums on death.

By payment of extra premium Accident and Disability Benefit(due to accident) can be covered. If this benefit is availed, the benefits are payble immediately on the date of the death/Disability by accident. However, the basic Sum Assured with bonuses is payable at the end of the term.

First Policy issue date

  • :: Gurans Bal Surakshya Jiwan Bima -- 14-11-2008
  • :: Gurans Naulo Bal Surakshya Jiwan Bima -- 12-01-2012

Key Feature

  • :: Minimum Entry Age : 0 Years
  • :: Maximum Entry Age : 15 Years
  • :: Minimum Policy Term: 5 Years
  • :: Maximum Policy Term: 30 Years
  • :: Maximum Maturity Age : 30 Years
  • :: Minimum Sum Assured: Rs. 50 Thousand
  • :: Premium Payment Frequency : Yearly/Half Yearly/Quarterly


  • :: Sum assured plus bonus in case of the maturity
  • :: Sum assured plus bonus will be paid to nominated person in case of death of the assured.
  • :: Tax benefits

Additional Benefits

  • :: Premium Waiver Benefit
  • :: Monthly Education Benefit