Gurans Life Insurance Company Ltd.


Gurans Life Insurance Co .Ltd. has been established and registered under Company Act 2063 B.s.(Regd. No. 1005/063-64) and Insurance Act 2049 as a public Limited Co. and was issued a license to operate Life Insurance Business on 2064/12/18. Gurans Life Insurance Co .Ltd. is promoted by Dugar Group, Sunrise Bank Ltd. along with group of diverse and renowned Businessmen, Industrialist and Legal professionals


Gurans Life Insurance Co .Ltd. have total authorized capital of 59.10 crore. Out of which issued and paid up capital is also Rs 59.10 crores. 30% of the issued capital has been allotted to the public through IPO and 70% has been subscribed by the promoters. Total shareholders of the company are approx more than 26000.


To develop the company as an important entity in contributing to social as well as financial sector towards making New Nepal. To invest and expand business in international market for providing maximum benefit to policyholders.


Create resources and generate employment opportunities and promote saving habits of individuals for their financial stability and improvement of their living standard. Life insurance is not just a business, it is a social service as well.


The Company has made reinsurance arrangement with SCOR GLOBAL LIFE SE, SINGAPORE and Nepal RE.